Local Aid Resolution: Updated Chapter 70 figures

from the DLS (Division of Local Services)
On April 4, 2007, the House of Representatives and State Senate approved House Bill 3972, a resolution concerning the three major local aid accounts. This resolution represents a legislative agreement as to the amounts of Chapter 70, Additional Assistance, and Lottery aid to be paid to municipalities and regional school districts in FY08. The Legislature approved this measure to provide reliable estimates for local governments to use in their budget planning process.

You can download the amounts for each city, town and regional school district via Excel spreadsheet.

Note that while the Local Aid Resolution fixes the amount for Chapter 70, Additional Assistance, and Lottery aid, all other Cherry Sheet programs (e.g., Regional Transportation reimbursement) will be subject to debate as the House and Senate prepare their budget proposals. The House Ways and Means Committee is scheduled to release their version of the budget on April 11th and the Senate version will be available in May.