FY07 Cuts lists to be used as memory jogger only, as they were not final but are at hand

Good luck with these -- they weren't final... look at text in currENt BuDGET materials poSTed on school and towN sites foR conText.

Also the FY08 muNicipal cut list as printed in the front of The Big muNicipal Budget book.

I have the library cuts in aN email somewhere But tHAT's small potatoes in comPARisoN:-)

AM CUTS ap 29 FY07.xls15 KB
FY08 Cuts Town Mgr.xls23.5 KB
FinCom - Selectboard FY 07 Municipal Comparitive Cuts 4-24-06 FY07.xls26.5 KB
REG cuts apr29 FY07.xls15 KB