Regionalization Study Committee Report 06-26-10 for Four Towns Meeting Tues 06-29-10

Attached are the pieces (report plus appendices A-F) of the Regionalization Study Committee Report of 06-26-10 that will be presented at the Four Towns Meeting Tuesday 06-29-10.

Remember that this Four Towns Meeting will be held in the Middle School Auditorium at 7 pm Tuesday 06-29-10. There will be very limited time for public comment since so many representatives of the Four Towns will likely have questions. The meeting will be presented live by ACTV.

I'm sure the schools will get this material, and that night's agenda, posted soon, but in the meantime -- enjoy!


Regionalization Report Appendix A.pdf82.54 KB
Regionalization Report Appendix B-1.pdf23.69 KB
Regionalization Report Appendix C-1.pdf21.3 KB
Reg Report Appendix D.pdf26.59 KB
Reg Report Appendix E.pdf67.29 KB
Regionalization Report Appendix F.pdf71.71 KB
Regionalization Committee Report June 2010.pdf73.66 KB